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Mushroom Revolution

Unlock your wellness with the most delicious mushroom supplement on Earth!

Supershroom Soda is your daily dose of supernatural wellness. We've harnessed the power of four, powerhouse mushrooms to supercharge your:

  • Focus: Enjoy laser-sharp mental clarity with Lion's Mane
  • Immunity: Fortify your defenses with Turkey Tail
  • Energy: Feel the surge with Cordyceps
  • Calm: Find your zen with Reishi, the ultimate stress-fighter for a cool, collected you

Supershroom Soda is your daily dose of unrivaled wellness.

4 super mushrooms

5 Delicious Flavors

Just add 2 droppers of elixirs to sparkling water, and voilà! Healthy soda, Mushroom Mocktail, endless possibilities.

The Ananda Standard


Our mushroom extracts are made with care and dual-extracted from 100% organic fruiting body mushrooms grown in the USA on their natural substrate for the most nutritious benefits🍄.. most companies don't do that.


We're revolutionizing the soda industry. Our sodas are made with real botanicals and fruit extracts, so they taste just as good as traditional sodas, but without the artificial flavors, sweeteners, and sugars 🙌


We're commited to reducing our carbon-footprint on the planet on all orders, and our bottles & packaging are all 100% recyclable. Instead of buying 30 cans or bottles, you get 30 drinks from our little 2 oz elixir ♻️

endless possibilities

Our Recipes

sip on bliss
Feeling Drained & Foggy?

Supershroom Soda to the Rescue! ✨

Forget boring, tasteless mushroom supplements. Our delicious and powerful blend of adaptogenic mushrooms help you:

-Blast through afternoon slumps!
-Sharpen your focus and mental clarity.
-Find your calm, zen center.
-Feel healthy and energized, naturally!

Zero sugar, calories, carbs or artificial junk. Just pure, powerful wellness you can in the most blissful way! Unleash your inner superhero, sip by sip.
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Sip on Bliss

Strawberry Cream

Experience the blissful fusion of ripe strawberries and velvety cream. A luscious treat for your taste buds and senses!

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Vintage Cola

A timeless classic reborn. Indulge in the familiar blend of caramel sweetness and aromatic spices. Every sip is nostalgia!

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Lemon Lime

Tangy citrus meets refreshing zest. Bursting with natural flavors, it's the perfect pick-me-up for a bright, invigorating boost.


Root Beer

Savor the classic taste. Rich, creamy, and delightfully bubbly, it's a delicious twist on a beloved favorite. Add some cream!

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Cream Soda

The velvety smoothness of genuine cream soda, that timeless taste that brings back cherished memories of your childhood.

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Just Drops

Discover Supershroom Drops - all the benefits of Supershroom Soda, minus the flavor! A boost of wellness without altering the taste.

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So Mush Benefits

Our handmade blend of mushrooms brings flavor and function like never before.


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