Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda
Supershroom Soda

Supershroom Soda

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Add blissful functionality to your drinks with our deliciously inspired totally-organic functional mushroom drops, designed to boost your health and mind.

Handmade in Arizona with organic, functional mushrooms that may benefit energy, focus, immunity, and clarity.

Try them in sparkling water, mocktails, coffee, smoothies, tea and anything your mind creates!

+ 30 Servings per Bottle

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • The more you buy, the more you save!
  • Handmade with care in the USA
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your new daily ritual


Deliciously crafted, 100% organic mushroom drops that taste like bliss.

Made with functional mushrooms and organic botanicals to fuel your daily schedule, hobbies and productivity.

Meet the Mushrooms

The 'brain mushroom' - known to stimulate nerve growth & improve memory, focus & clarity

Lions mane mushroom
"The Brain"

The 'energy mushroom' - known to boost bloodflow, stamina & energy

"The Energy Mushroom"

An ancient medicinal herb, scientifically proven to boost immune support & anxiety levels

"The Immortality Mushroom"

The multi-benefit powerhouse, scientifically proven to support the immune system, improve metabolism, and improve gut health

Turkey's Tail
"The Longevity Mushroom"



Two droppers full into drink of choice. (8-12oz)
For a traditional soda- add to sparkling water.


Mix & add any extra flavourings of choice.


Serve & garnish! 🍻

The Ananda Difference

A message from the co-founder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Virginia E
Tasty Vintage Cola!!!

I absolutely love this healthy drink. I tend to take in the afternoon and feel like I'm more focus and not hitting any slump during that time especially since it's after lunch and i work in front of a computer. Can't wait to try another flavor.


I love everything about this product and what your company stands for! I ordered cream soda and root beer and they both taste amazing and I feel great. Love!!

Love these shroom sodas!!

I was never a soda drinker, but my partner was. These not only replaced soda for my partner but blew our minds. We never thought shrooms could taste this good. We look forward to our shrooms daily, and sometimes even twice a day🙌🏻 my fave is the root beer for sure, he loves the lemon lime and orange. We always have to have the cream soda on hand because it is a no brainer. So good. Love this small company that prioritizes everything that is important. Sammi & Dylan you are both so inspiring. Please, never stop making these delish shrooms!

big fan of the root beer and cola flavors

the others aren't bad either, I've only tried a few others. But I'll be buying the root beer and cola flavors repeatedly.

Markie Leigh
Love! Can’t wait to try more!

Vintage Cola is the first flavor I have tried from this brand…omg, LOVE! I don’t understand how it tastes exactly like cola, but it’s amazing, and even better I’m getting all the health benefits from the mushrooms. Needless to say, I will absolutely be purchasing more flavors!

Colin Donahoe
Paying it Forward

My wife and I were introduced to Ananda Elixirs by good friends of ours. The Creme Soda mixed with Tangerine Pelegrino is unbelievable. I hoped our children wouldn’t like it so it would be more for my wife and I, but they absolutely love it. The best part is the health benefits we receive. Can’t recommend these enough.

Tastes good, feels good!

I would give this 10 stars if I could! The flavors are fantastic. So far I’ve tried the vintage cola, strawberry cream, and cream soda. I don’t feel gross after drinking it like regular soda. I can’t wait to try the lemon lime too!


Functional mushrooms are mushrooms that provide a positive contribution to health, beyond just their basic nutritional value. Functional mushrooms are superfoods containing many vitamins and minerals. While each type of mushroom has its own unique properties, overall they may contribute to a variety of positive health benefits such as better sleep, better digestion, clearer skin, reduced anxiety, treatment of allergies and asthma, reduced inflammation, improved bone health, and promotion of a stronger immune system to help your body fight colds and other illnesses more efficiently.

There are 30 servings per bottle!

No! Our mushrooms contain no hallucinogenic properties.

Although our product is not certified by USDA yet, rest assured that every single ingredient that goes in to our product is 100% USDA organic certified. We never, ever cut corners here.

Typically we ship your product out the same day or the next day that the order is received. (excluding weekends and holidays.)

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 5-7 business days to arrive.

We don't like waiting for shipments either, so we try to be as fast as possible so you can begin enjoying your Supershroom Soda!