Adaptogenic Apple Cider Spritz

Adaptogenic Apple Cider Spritz

This adaptogenic Apple Cider Spritz is the perfect fall Mushroom Mocktail™! 

I was so excited to play with fall flavors and thought a nice apple cider drink with warm cinnamon and cloves would do the trick. So I headed off to the store to find some local, organic apple cider, and all they had was non-organic, loaded with sugar and preservatives.. that wouldn't do for me. 

So if you are luckier than I was today and found apple cider that meets your standards, this recipe will be super easy! 

Just a mix of:

Sparkling water

Apple Cider

Supershroom Soda - Cream soda (vanilla)

& Ice! 

You could get creative with some fun rims, or garnishes with cinnamon sticks, apple slices etc. 

BUT, If you are wanting to go all out like me and have a fresh, no sugar added, organic apple cider, read on!

For a full batch, you'll need:

-10-12 apples (medium sized, not tiny ones)

- 6 cups of water

- 1-2 cinnamon sticks

- Whole cloves

- Ground nutmeg 

- A little slice of fresh ginger

- 1 tbsp of vanilla extract

1. I used an instant pot, mixed everything in and put it on pressure cook for 15 mins, and let it out naturally for 15 mins. You can also use a large pot but it will simmer for 2-2.5 hours. (Your house will smell amazing though!) 

2. Once cooked, mash the apples with a potato masher and the strain into a large bowl. Once the mixture cooled, I strained it even more through some cheese cloth or alternative. And that's it! 


Add your apple cider to half the glass. 

Add Ice, and top with sparkling water. 

Add 2 droppers of Supershroom Soda™- Cream soda Flavor

and ENJOY!