Mouth-watering health boosters packed with the power of nature.

Supershroom Soda

Add blissful functionality to your drinks with our deliciously inspired totally-organic functional mushroom drops, designed to boost your health and mind.

Handmade in Arizona with organic, functional mushrooms that may benefit energy, focus, immunity, and clarity.

Supershroom Soda

1 transformative blend, 4 super mushrooms, in 5 delicious flavours.

Strawberry Cream

Experience the blissful fusion of ripe strawberries and velvety cream. A luscious treat for your taste buds and senses!

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Vintage Cola

A timeless classic reborn. Indulge in the familiar blend of caramel sweetness and aromatic spices. Every sip is nostalgia!

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Lemon Lime

Tangy citrus meets refreshing zest. Bursting with natural flavors, it's the perfect pick-me-up for a bright, invigorating boost.


Root Beer

Savor the classic taste. Rich, creamy, and delightfully bubbly, it's a delicious twist on a beloved favorite. Add some cream!

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Cream Soda

The velvety smoothness of genuine cream soda, that timeless taste that brings back cherished memories of your childhood.

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Just Drops

Discover Supershroom Drops - all the benefits of Supershroom Soda, minus the flavor! A boost of wellness without altering the taste.

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Why Supershroom Soda?

It's so common these days to feel tired, distracted, fatigued and stressed out. Making it harder to complete tasks, easier to feel overwhelmed, and constantly irritable and moody.

But it's not your fault, it's because our bodies and brains need the right fuel to keep going strong.

Our bodies are amazing machines, but without the right nutrients we can never be at our best. So we tried mushroom supplements and they were either:

- Tasteless and boring
- So bitter that they left your face twisted!
- Or packed with extra nonsense

So we went on a mission to make wellness more blissful and exciting!

Welcome Supershroom Soda!

Our unique blend of adaptogens lift your spirit and restore your potential. Leaving you feeling relaxed, centered, focused, and stronger.

But Supershroom Soda isn't just about function, it's about flavor too. With 5 delicious flavors you won't find a tastier way to boost your well-being.

And with 100% organic, plant-based ingredients, you can enjoy all these benefits guilt-free.
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The Ananda Promise


Our mushroom extracts are fresh, handmade with care and dual-extracted from 100% organic fruiting body mushrooms 🍄


We're revolutionizing the soda industry. Our sodas are made with real botanicals and fruit extracts, so they taste just as good as traditional sodas, but without the artificial flavors, sweeteners, and sugars 🙌


We're commited to reducing our carbon-footprint on the planet on all orders, and our bottles & packaging are all 100% recyclable ♻️

So Mush Benefits

Our handmade blend of mushrooms brings flavor and function like never before.
meaning: bliss


We took everything we loved about sodas, and removed what we didn’t, so:

□ No artificial sweetners
□ No added sugars
□ No added flavors and
□ 100% plant based and organic

And added in superpower mushrooms to fuel your body and mind, so you can have:

□ Sustainable all-day energy
□ Sharp mental clarity and focus
□ Increased immune support
□ Increased hormone balance
□ Increased resistance &
□ A calm that feels blissful!
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