Hi! We are Dylan and Sammi, the husband and wife co-founders at Ananda Elixirs.

Our story is the foundation of who we are, and why we want to help you to follow your bliss in health and life. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have!

How we started

At the beginning of 2021, the successful wellness business that we built for almost a decade came crashing down with the declining economy. We stood there in shock, not understanding how something we worked so hard to cultivate could fall apart so quickly. On top of that, Sammi’s father passed away unexpectedly, leaving a huge hole in the family. With a brand new baby and so much chaos happening, we knew we needed to make a change. 

One of of our favorite things to do when we experience challenging times is to just go on a drive, and to talk. It was during one of these car rides that we asked ourselves the question: “What would we be doing right now if we were following our bliss?”

How we found bliss

Immediately, Dylan brought up his fascination with functional mushrooms. Knowing that Sammi does NOT like taking supplements that don't taste good, he remarked: “What if we could create a functional mushroom supplement that tastes SO GOOD, you’d actually look forward to taking it every day?” 

We came home from that drive, and over the next few days, weeks and months, Ananda Elixirs was born and our first product, Supershroom Soda, was ready to launch. And we embarked on a totally new adventure.

Our mission

Ananda is the sanskrit word for “Divine Bliss”, the highest state of being. Not only did we want to give tribute to our decision to follow our bliss, but to make it our mission to inspire others to do the same!

We’re so excited to go on this journey with you, and to see what we can create along the way. 

Sammi & Dylan 

We’ve worked in wellness for over 20 years combined, it’s our absolute passion to help people fall in love with taking care of their body, mind and spirit. We’ve got HIGH standards for what we consume and use ourselves, and we wanted nothing but the best in any product we put out to the world. 

🙌 Organic and natural ingredients

🍄 Certified organic, fruiting body mushrooms, Grown in the USA on Natural substrate

🍄 Dual-extracted for all beta-glucan benefits

🌾 Vegan, Gluten free and Non GMO, Always.

✅ No added sugar, colors, or GMOs

❌ No artificial anything. Ever.